Mok-un Middle school 3D Education

Sept 2017 

My face rendering 

To show the process of showing the principle and result of rendering after face scan.

Everyone was very excited that they could see their face or friend's face in 3D.
They participated very actively in this session, so they were compete with each other for their face scanning turn.

My own 3D figurine

Now, Let's see how they look in 3D after learning about the principles of 3D.

They experienced 3D photo scanning technology at booth where 80 cameras were installed.

When taking a picture of themselves, they showed higher concentration.

I am a 3D designer! Haptic experience

they were able to experience Haptic which is an expensive design equipment that they can not normally access.

3D Printing finishing experience

They removed the plaster powder with tool like a vacuum cleaner, and we searched 3D printed figures.

they were very attached to their work and very pleased with their sense of accomplishment.

Every time the work developed, they were very proud and ask us to take a picture.