Korea Baek-san Taekwondo 3D experience 

 Sept 2017

3D Pen

They tried to make various fish shapes using the 3D pen.

At first they were a little nervous since they used 3D pen for the first time,

Making paper cat 

By making a flat paper cat into 3D, it is easy to understand the principal of changing from 2D to 3D !

The children gave their names to cats and enjoyed the class.

3D Scan experience

Now it is time to experience scanning themselves after learned the principles of 3D
They experienced 3D photo scanning technology at booth where 80 cameras were installed.

they were very pleased with the process of handing over pictures of myself through watching themselves 

from various angles. This helped to understand the 3D figure making process more easily.

3D Printer finishing experience

They removed the plaster powder with tool like a vacuum cleaner, and we searched 3D printed figures

VR Cardboard assmble

 If you have a VR card board and a mobile phone, you can experience various virtual worlds in front of me.

The children made their own  card board VR viewer, and they had a roller coaster ride and swimming 

with the sharks in the sea