2018.03     Shinhan invest Corp. promotor training session

                    3D figurine production of Posco past CEO 

                    Regular 3D Education class open

                    Provided 3D data for home shopping channels (corporate with KTH)

2018.02      Samsung galaxy S9/S9+ launching event

                     Provided 3D solution to Hanyang University, Department of design 


2017. 12      Kaywon design art university - 99% design festival (COEX)

                    Finland public broadcasting YLE coverage

                    Hwaseong youth city center 3D job experience

                    Mi-dong elementary school scout group 3D job experience

2017. 11      selected as Guro city G-valley Industrial tourism spot

                    Participated in Korea Tourism Organization 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic promotion event (London WTM)

2017. 10     Military Cultural Festival

                    Ansan 3D design & 3D Printing Festival

                    Hwaseong City - Job experience fair (3D printing section)

                    Danfoss Company event

2017. 09     Opened Lotte department Busan studio

                     Military Mutual Aid C&C event

                     Participated in Korea Tourism Organization 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic promotion event (Insa-dong, Seoul)

 2017. 07     Seoul Auto Salon Event 

                     Discovery Canada Daily Planet - IOYS coverage

                     Opened Lottemart - Seoul station studio 

 2017. 06     Business MOU with military mutual aid association

                     Provided 3D scanning solution to Daekyeung University

 2017. 05     Opened Yongsan I'park mall studio

                     Provided 3D scan solution in Yintai dept in China

                     Danyang azalea festival

                     Provided CG technology for 19th presidential election broadcasting (MBC)

                     Selected by ministry of industry (won $1.2B)

 2017. 04     GKL Seven luck Japanese VIP dinner show

                     Danyang Twins festival

                     AK Plaza customer event 

 2017. 03     Silicon Valley VC invitation event (hosted by venture association)

 2016. 12     Opened Lottemart – Guro Studio 

                     Opened Lottemall – Eunpyung Studio 

                     Seoul Shinchon Christmas street festival

 2016. 11      2016 Lantern festival (Hosted by Seoul)

 2016. 10     2016 Busan One-asia festival (SBS, hosted by Busan, BEXCO)

 2016. 09     Selected as excellent enterprise by the city of Seoul

 2016. 08     Opened Jukjeon Electro Mart Studio 

 2016. 07     2016 Character fair (COEX)

 2016. 04     Yeongdengpo Electro Mart Studio was opened

 2016. 03     Dongdaemun Hyundai city outlet Pop-up store

                     Opened Shinsegae Dept. Busan Centum Studio 

 2016. 02     Opened Shinsegae Dept Gangnam studio

 2015. 12     Opened Jeju Baozen studio 

 2015. 11     Attended 3D Printing Conference (hosted by ministry of future planning)

                     Participated Kintex Design Korea 2015 

                     3D Photo-scan booth operation at Korea finance service commission

 2015. 10     Official merchandise of 2015 President’s cup

                     Attend CEWIT 2015 New York conference

 2015. 09     Obtain Venture Certification

                     Attracted Technology credit guarantee fund investment ($2.1B)

 2015. 05     Opened DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza)Studio 

2014. 10     IOYS Ltd, founded