Interview with Professor Moon Yongjae, 

the Department of 3D Printing Dept. of Daekyung University

As interest of 3D industry increases day by day and the field of application is infinite. There are many institutions 

that nurture human resources such as 3D printing related qualifications, institutions, and university departments.

Daekyung University, located in Gyeongbuk, also established '3D Printing Department' 

and started to cultivate human resources in earnest. The school set up a 3D scan booth  

and started a 3D related lectures where students can participate and experience it.

we met with the professor in charge of 3D department and heard about the reason they chose IOYS 3D scanner.

Q1. Please briefly introduce the 3D printing department at Daekyung University.

Daekyung University 3D printing department is where develops human resources 

who will lead the future industry in 3D modeling and product production

Q2. What is the background of the 3D printing department?

DaeKyung University set school motto as "Do it differently rather than excellent"

As a leading educational innovator in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we pursue values 

that lead and go ahead to where people do not go to We have established a new concept to create 

a unique value that is compatible with the 3D printer department and to improve practical education.

Q3. How did you know IOYS?

Why did you choose IOYS among many 3D solution companies?

I learned about IOYS through many fairs and other activities. 

As the best 3D professional company in Korea, IOYS's corporate philosophy of providing content 

that can be used in various industries is well matched with values that DaeKyung University is pursuing.

Q4. What was the reaction of the students when they first saw the 3D scan booth?

they were a little wondered and curious about many cameras.

Students who studied 3D scan booth wanted to understand and try to understand the principles of the system 

Q5. Educational goals and plans using IOYS 3D scan booth

The goal is to utilize the 3D scanning booth for practical education and to challenge tasks.

It will be used for further creative job improvement, and it will be a great help to foster practicing

 by combining education with other software.

The 3D scan booth, which IOYS has supplied to DaeKyung University's 3D Printing Department, 

will be used in class starting next September.I hope that students will be able to use the 3D scan booth directly 

and learn a lot to help prepare for the rapidly changing industry :-)