Visualize your design with 3D printer which provides 

output optimized quality · less production time / cost


PROJET 660 Pro
High resolution full color industrial 3D printer.

Unparalleled color capabilities to produce the most realistic models with the highest resolution full CMYK, at high throughput with 5X-10X faster print speed than all other technologies and up to 7X lower part cost.

▼ Example

Layering method : CJP(Color Jet Print)

Layer thickness : 0.1mm

Maximum size : 254 x 381 x 203mm

Material : VisJet PXL Core Container


3D printer produces smooth, highly precise 3D parts

High resolution plastic 3D printing, at up to 2X faster print speed than similar class printers, with automated, up to 4X faster, batch post-processing, provides enhanced productivity for functional design evaluation and rapid tooling needs.

▼ Example

Layering method : MJP(Multi Jet Print)

Layer thickness : 0.016mm ~ 0.032mm

Maximum size : 298 x 185 x 203 mm

Material : VisJet M3 Crystal


3D Print SLA parts with unrivaled accuracy and surface finish in a broad choice of materials that match or exceed traditional plastic properties. Easily swap between material modules for flexible use.

▼ Example

Layering method : SLA(Stereolithography)

Layer thickness : 0.05mm ~ 0.125mm

Maximum size : 250 x 250 x250mm

Material : VisJet M3 Clear

Prototype production process


How long does it take to produce?
Depending on the type of work, it takes 5-10 days on average.
Is it possible to produce faster?
Express service is available with extra cost
Depending on the form, there will be an additional charge, which will take 3-5 business days.

What type of file extension should
 I upload?
STL, OBJ is preffered. If file conversion is difficult, please contact us.
How do I get the output?
Pick up at IOYS office is recommendable. We don't take any responsibility on any damage caused by courier delivery.
Is A / S possible?
A / S after printing is not possible.

3D Prototype Inquiry

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